The one question is. Are the perceived needs of the patients and users of South   Bedfordshire’s palliative care services being met? If not, what needs to be done if these needs are to be met in the future?  

They are both equal so one could win just bye a little point, saying weapon development is better than it was before,something like that. But weapon development is only for the police because of the riots and over gangs and separate ways. Also the police only used them in 2011 because they had to use […]

The person who I think is in control of MACBETH is LADY MACBETH because she want’s to be the queen after MACBETH kills KING DUNCAN, and MACBETH will be king and then LADY MACBETH will kill MACBETH, so LADY MACBETH can become the queen of Scotland and maybe the world. In act 1 scene 5 […]

Macbeth Act 2 scene 2 The main characters in this scene are Lady Macbeth and Macbeth, this scene takes place in King Duncan’s castle. In this scene, Macbeth has already done the deed and he said the following. “Will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood clean from my hands? no this my hand will rather multitudinous […]

I can’t believe what I have just seen and heard. Iv’e he was bye him self and talking he would be a complete weirdo.

Takes place out side Macbeths castle and it is act 1 sene 6 the characters are: King DUNCAN,MALCOM,DONALDBAIN,BANQUO,LENNOX,MACDUFF,ROSS and ANGUS KING DUNCAN is visiting Macbeth and lady Macbeth he is talking about how beautiful outside and the scenery and the atmosphere looks beautiful and smells really sweet. This is an example of Dramatic irony because […]

token place out side Macbeths castle

MACBETH but this is different because im arguing about this Macbeth what I think is different to yours anyway lets get this done with